DataFest 2018


Date Day of week Time Place Presenter Topic
9/27/2017 Wednesday 6-7pm Middlebush 212 John Snyder Introduction to R and R-Studio
10/9/2017 Monday 3:30-4:30pm Middlebush 212 Alex Oard Overview of functions
10/23/2017 Monday 4-5pm Middlebush 212 Toryn Schafer Data Management I
11/6/2017 Monday 4-5pm Middlebush 212 Chris Hassett Data Management II
11/29/2017 Wednesday 6-7pm Middlebush 310 Paul Parker Advanced plotting
2/19/2018 Monday 3:30-5pm Middlebush 309 John Snyder Telling a Story with Data
3/6/2018 Tuesday 5-6pm Middlebush 205 Toryn Schafer Using Outside Data
3/19/2018 Monday 4-5pm Middlebush 309 Paul Parker Advanced Visualizations
4/2/2018 Monday 4-5pm Middlebush 309 Multiple Former Participant Presentations/Grad student mini competition