DataFest 2019


A huge thanks to our 2019 sponsors, ASA DataFestTM at Mizzou cannot run without your support! Considering sponsoring ASA DataFestTM at Mizzou? Click here for more information.

Silver Sponsor

Veterans United
Mizzou Department of Statistics
ASA Mid-MO chapter

Bronze Sponsor

Brewer Science


American Statistical Association

We would like to thank our judges for the hard work they did in picking winners:

  • Dr. Hyun-Joo Kim (Chair and Professor of Statistics, Truman State University)
  • Dr. John Snyder (Statistician, St. Louis, MO)
  • Mr. Steven L. Sheriff (Researcher, Missouri Department of Conservation, Resource Science Division)

as well as our VIP consultants for their mentorship and time:

  • K. Scott Alberts (Truman State University)
  • Kaiyi Chen (University of Missouri)
  • Ranadeep Daw (University of Missouri)
  • Ranadeep Daw (University of Missouri)
  • Cenxiao Gao (University of Missouri)
  • Chris Hassett (University of Missouri)
  • Xuefeng Hou (University of Missouri)
  • Xiaoyu Ma (University of Missouri)
  • Saikat Nandy (University of Missouri)
  • Josh North (University of Missouri)
  • Alex Oard (University of Missouri)
  • Paul Parker (University of Missouri)
  • Shirley Rojas (University of Missouri)
  • Toryn Schafer (University of Missouri)
  • Kangwon Seo (University of Missouri)
  • Zhengye Si (University of Missouri)
  • Chang-Hsin Tseng (University of Missouri)
  • Shuwan Wang (University of Missouri)
  • Wenyang Wang (University of Missouri)
  • Rebecca Willison (Benson Hill Biosystems)

Suhwon Lee, Lori Thombs, Debbie Perkowski